Use Google Docs to Create an Online Quiz 


1. Log in to Google Docs and create a new form.

2. Name the form (quiz) and add any instructions.

3. Make the first question the student's name and make this question required!

4. You MAY want to break the student name into two items (First name and Last name) and make them BOTH required.

On easy way to do this is to duplicate the first question by selecting duplicate from the icon/buttons on the far right.

5. To edit the Sample Question use the same icons on the far right and choose edit.

6. Now you will begin entering in your questions - choosing the format for each as you go.

7. Save often.

8. You can spice up your quiz by choosing a theme for it. Click on "Theme" on the top left side of your doc. There are many fun and colorful themes to choose from.

9. Now you are ready to assign (share) the quiz with your students.

You can email it by clicking on the "Email the Form" button on the top right.

You can embed it from the "more actions" button on the top right.

To share the quiz via a link, you will need to go to the spreadsheet created automatically when you made your form.

Select  "Go to Live Form" and copy the URL from that window.