Making Flashcards from Google Spreadsheets


1. Log into Google Docs

2. Create a new Spreadsheet document

3. Create a spreadsheet with one side of the cards in column A and the other side of the cards in Column B...

4. After you have all your data in and saved...

5. Click on INSERT and choose GADGET

6.  Scroll through the list of "Featured" gadgets and select "Flash Cards Gadget"

7. In the pop-up box which appears, edit the input to be using the two columns you used... see below for an example for using columns A and B:

NOTE: Range is Sheet1!A:B for comparing column A and column B

8. At the top of the gadget you can click on "Gadget" and there you will find options using your flash cards (gadget)...

Here is the gadget "published" (you are provided with an embed code):

You can simply add the gadget to another sheet in the spreadsheet (the last option on the list) and share your spreadsheet as you share other Google docs.