Google Forms are part of Google Drive.

Sign in to Google, then choose Drive.

Choose "create" and then "form"

More details below...

File Name (1)

First things first, name your form.

Settings (2)

Sign in or no sign in...

  • Collect usernames automatically...
  • Limit number of times a user may complete the form to one...

Shuffle question order

Add-ins (3)

  • Choose an add-on if you wish
  • Choose "Get Add-ons" (for first time use only)
 To consider:
  • formLimiter (closes the form after a maximum number of responses, at a specific date/time or when a cell has a specific value)
  • Choice Eliminator (eliminates an option from a multiple choice, list, or checkbox after a user has submitted it.)

Auto grading of forms/quizzes!

Flubaroo is also an add-on, but this is a SHEETS add-on.
Create your quiz.
Open the live form and complete the quiz with all correct answers.
Open the sheet which holds the quiz results (automatically created when you create a form)
Choose the add-ons and add Flubaroo.
Gather student responses and then use Flubaroo to grade the responses...

(Best in Chrome browser)

Great Ideas!

Exit Slips
Topic Sign-up
Parent Meeting or volunteer sign up
Gathering data for math (averages etc.)

End of PD Evaluation/Feedback Form