A Couple of Search "Tricks":

1. Use the search box for finding definitions:

use define:word (no spaces)


2.Use the search box to find cached sites:

use cache:URL... this will lead to the way the site was the last time Google indexed it

3.Use the search box to find information:

time:City will return the time in that city - time:chicago

weather:city will return the weather in that city - weather:honolulu

4. Some unusual searches:

the barcode digits will yield product info

5. Note the left column and all it brings...


A TEST for your searching skills daily:


Not exactly Searches:

Things you can do in the original search box:

1. calculations

enter the calculations and hit enter...


5*9+(sqrt 10)^3=


2. conversions:

use "real english"...

cups in a gallon

32 USD in Euros

98.6 f in c