Planning is KEY!

  1. Topic or Format
    • story
    • review
    • tutorial
    • report
    • something else
  2. Groups
    • assigned
    • selected
    • random
  3. Students need to create a plan and a storyboard (and maybe a script).
  4. Create Art.
    • draw with markers
    • print from other sources
    • make movable or static
  5. Select or create music if needed.
  6. Practice.
  7. Practice.
  8. Practice.
  9. Create video.
    • only ONE take
    • only exception is for technical fail
  10. Publish!

Paperslide Videoplan.pdf Paperslide Videoplan.pdf
Size : 42.214 Kb
Type : pdf
Paperslide Planning.pdf Paperslide Planning.pdf
Size : 21.106 Kb
Type : pdf
Paperslide Video Rubric.doc Paperslide Video Rubric.doc
Size : 25.5 Kb
Type : doc


Record your own on the video during your one take.


Use GarageBand (for Macs or iPads) to record sound and sound effects 

Use existing appropriate music with appropriate licensing.

Ways to share videos:

Use like this:

Use Vimeo:

Use SchoolTube or YouTube or your website...

(the app YouTube Capture is a great way to push video to your YouTube Channel)